The day after Christmas Rob Z and KO took the train to NYC to see
the Rangers play Carolina
(once the Hartford Whalers!)! It was blissful
perfection to watch our favorite hockey player Chris Drury
play with his
new (closer to home) team. To boot, literally 2 seconds after KO said to the
very hockey savvy 9-year-old
to our right, "Drury needs to do something
extraordinary right now!" Drury scored! He tied the game to make it 2-2, and
from there the Rangers took control, winning the game 4-2. Thank you RZ! Bliss!ko%20rangers%20shirt.jpgWe couldn't afford the hefty cost of an authentic Drury Rangers jersey (above),
but we got a hat (below) that's even hotter! And, to add to the awesomeness,ko%20mg%20rz%20rgnyc.jpg RobZ and KO met up with Maxie after the game! Victory, baby!mg%20mamapeace%20dec2607nyc.jpgWe shared lots of laughter...took some then KO and Maxie raged it up just a little while longer...ko%20mg%20lesdec2607nyc.jpgIt was a great, great night!!!

KO, RZ,& MG, NYC, ko/12.26.07

Posted by KO on December 30, 2007 9:33 PM

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