Read: The Tender Bar
the%20tender%20bar.jpgJ.R. Moehringer's memoir was a Times best seller for good reason.
More importantly, my sista Ami raved about it, quoting it freely.
It's moving, at times laugh-out-loud funny, at times too true to be real,
and always achingly accessible and winning. His underdog upbringing, agony
over self-esteem struggles and self-saboteur tendencies, as well as his wonder and
passion for words and communication~ irresistible, all of it. Trust me.
Better Late than Never Movie to See: Knocked Up
Funny, crass, sturdy, clever, well-cast...It's got heart.
Keep an Eye on: actor Shia LaBeouf
shia%20combo.jpgHe is huge after carrying Disturbia to the #1 movie spot
for 3 weeks in a row in April and helping lead Transformers
to its huge and historic (atleast in "industry" terms) opening over the 4th.
Plus, we just worked alongside him in the new Indiana Jones movie (out in 08)
and he is a classy, clear-headed hottie. Oh yeah, he also happens to be
a disciplined and impressive "veteran" actor.
Cheer for from afar (if not from Fenway): Mike Lowell
We like to think of him as the George Clooney of baseball.
He's got salt-n-pepper hair, a very "familiar" and friendly face,
he helped the Red Sox achieve the infamous early-season home run
derby (4 homers in a row) in April and he's still kicking ass now. MLowell.jpgAlso, he had testicular cancer a few years ago and beat it (has one ball).
How could you not love the guy? We have quite the crush, true, but he also
really is the quintessential baseball player. Go Mike Lowell! Go Sox!
Have high hopes for: Chris Drury
He just got more than 30 million for signing with the Rangers
(after helping
the Sabres eliminate the Rangers prior to losing the Stanley Cup to Anaheim),
and we are more than confident he'll help get the Cup for them this year...and,
he's closer to home so we'll get to see him play more often. Gotta love it.
Better Late than Never magazine article to Read:
Matt Taibbi's Rolling Stone article about Giulianitaibbi%20rs%20guiliani.jpgTaibbi has the perfect biting wit and bitter, brow-beaten bark to be mean but
meaningful tackling a frustrating possibility: Giuliani as President. taibbi%20rs%20guiliani%20part2.jpgPolitics needs a guy like Taibbi zipping angrily, tripping tersely, capturing the dark
corner convesations, speculating vengeful motives and gross agendas. Rolling Stone
is the perfect platform for Taibbi. He's a bit lawless, a bit rebel with attitude, a bit
baby bitch...To boot, he is more than a bit hot.
Better Now than Ever Website to Explore:
TED is: Technology, Entertainment, Design. "It started out (in 1984) as a conference
bringing together people from those three worlds. Since then its scope has become
ever broader." Check out "Inspired talks by the world's greatest thinkers and doers."
William McDonough's presentation is fascinating and memorable.
To quote the site: " Architect and designer William McDonough asks
what our buildings and products would look like if designers took into account
"All children, all species, for all time." A tireless proponent of absolute
sustainability (with a deadpan sense of humor), he explains his philosophy of
"cradle to cradle" design, which bridge the needs of ecology and economics.
He also shares some of his most inspiring work, including the world's largest
green roof (at the Ford plant in Dearborn, Michigan), and the entire
sustainable cities he's designing in China." Really superb!
Old School Classics Perfectly Appropriate to Revisit as August Approaches:
Billy Joel, Always A Woman
Otis Redding, Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa
Grateful Dead, Eyes of the World
Put this post together to honor and celebrate the creations of some of my
favorite artists and their various crafts...Hope you click some of
the green links and see for yourself. Supergood.

Posted by KO on July 16, 2007 10:34 AM

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