As promised, here's the scan of Sunday's New Haven Register.
KO is the cute girl all alone on the right.
Not bad/kinda cool, yes?ko%20nhr%20indymania2.jpgFront page of New Haven Register, Sunday May 11, 2008ko%20cu%20nhr%20indymania.jpg

Posted by KO on May 13, 2008 10:18 AM

nice, katy! congrats!

Posted by: bco

OH AWESOME...and opening on the 22nd! of course...

Posted by: missmennes

thanks for the head's up, but you know I already saw this and was gesturing (to myself, of course) to comment on the opening day being a 22. And it's no coincidence either that half that gives us the publication date for this lovely feature.

whoever thought you'd be so Hollywood by moving away from this sinkhole?

Posted by: matt

my mom called me to tell me about this. congrats!

Posted by: dan

Congrats KO!

Posted by: Marta

great pic

Posted by: carlos

So exciting! I am a huge Indy geek! And you look superfantastique!!!!

Posted by: frazer

I hope you negotiated a higher rate for the nude scene.

Posted by: Peter Matthes

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