isa3.jpg"I loved modeling. I absolutely loved it. I was so happy to get the cover of
Vogue- 23 times. I keep each copy. I made more money as a model than as an
actress or a filmmaker. In monetary terms, beauty pays more than anything."
Isabella Rossellini, NYTmag 4.20.08

KO has always believed in the power of beauty! To read such a "secret" truth
from such a serious/respected beauty...what a bizarre and bewildering satisfaction
and admittedly amusing sensation...We've known for too long the truth in the power
of beauty. We've struggled with such a sad truth to be sure...

Well, to add to the power of such a "thank you for finally just admitting it" comment
by the lovely Isabella, KO has a story about her! KO met Isabella back in 2003 whilst
working on the Merchant Ivory film Heights. We still have the shoes she wore in her
scenes with John Light! Isabella, like KO, wears the rarely found size 9 & 1/2!

Ok, and there's more!

Truth be told, Isabella's quote rings true to a treatment KO wrote back
in film school at UT in Austin called Blows Revisited. A most memorable
quote from my script?
"It's all about being beautiful, that's our only job."
"This coming from a woman who considers herself a professional?"
"Everything you do is, of course, relevant to you, but nothing has more worth
than your looks."
"How can you say that? I'm offended."
"That's because you aren't protected, because you have fewer choices, you have
to struggle, you aren't beautiful

Posted by KO on April 20, 2008 8:30 PM

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