It's no surprise to anyone who looks at that I love
and look up to my awesome brother Rob
. He is beyond cool. KO considers
him to be one of the truest men around. Not only is he smart, worldly, generous,
good-looking, a Red Sox die-hard, and yes married to one of my best most old school
, he also kicks it and keeps it real in New Haven alot of the time
. KO really can't
say enough positive things about him. Love him alot! Well, anyway, Sunday night KO and
Rob Z ran into Rob, Matt K and Pete
(fresh off the plane back from Amsterdam! Yay!) at
Christopher Martins. It was such a wonderful surprise, KO couldn't resist getting a few
shots in (of the picture variety, natch) before he took off. Much love and gratitude bro!pete%20rob%20matt%20cms1.jpgAbove: Pete, Rob and Matt give the camera their love, and Below:
the motivation to "Keep It Real" yields this yummy and hilarious classic
pete%20rob%20matt%20cms2.jpg**************************************************************************************pete%20and%20rob%20rckstrs%20karaoke%20nye%20vt.jpgA New Years Eve 06-07 karaoke beaut starring Pete and Rob, Tanglewood, VT.

Posted by KO on February 13, 2007 1:19 PM

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