Lester pitched a no-hitter! Varitek made history catching his 4th no-hitter!
It's a full moon...and Liam is awesome!!! Ace is doing well & we're all beaming!!!
abo%20liamo%20h2.jpgliam%20o%20h1.jpgace%20liam%20rob%20h.jpgliam%20in%20blanket.jpgliamo%20rco%20rgo%20bco.jpgab%20liamo%20h1.jpgrgo%20bco%20rco%20sue%20and%20hub%20h.jpgabo%20liamo%20ko%20h.jpgYale New Haven, 5.19.08

Posted by KO on May 19, 2008 8:33 PM

Yah!!!! Welcome lovely little Liam. Can't wait to meet you. Congrats Rob and Adrienne (you're a star). And great pictures Aunt Katy!

Posted by: Beth

Send congrats to your brother and sister-in-law. Congrats to the new auntie!

Posted by: Marta

Wow, congrats to all!!!!! It must feel so awesome to become an aunt - cherish it! You will be a great one, no doubt!

Posted by: Andrea

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Andrea on Liam is Awesome!: Wow, congrats to all!!
Marta on Liam is Awesome!: Send congrats to your
Beth on Liam is Awesome!: Yah!!!! Welcome lovely

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