Sometimes it all goes so well...Last night was simply superb.
KO met up with Ninja for the My Sassy Girl wrap party, and wrap it up nicely
we did, we did...It was a visual feast! There was so much love of lens, KO was loopy.
Photo shoots are pure bliss for me, and it was actually and absolutely thrilling to have
so many special people playing with me. And (!) in a rare but decidedly inspired move,
KO handed the digi over to DP Eric and shared some of the (how you say?) "spotlight."ko%20in1%20by%20eric%20dp.jpgKO and Ninja, by rad DP Ericjb%20ko%20and%20frnd%20by%20dp%20eric%203rd%20and%20best.jpgKO and Jesse (with Jesse's TBD) by DP Eric
And now...(drum roll)...the "by KO" selects from the night...superb!!!wrap%20crew%20perfection.jpgPreach!, Props, KO/Perfection Seriesdp%20dir%20in%20wrap1.jpgTrifecta, Tribute, KO/Perfection Seriesko%20wig%20ninja%20dp%20eric%20by%20ko1.jpgKO, Ninja & DP Eric Are Everywhere, KO/Perfection Serieswrap%20crew%20perfc2.jpgWigs, Wonder, KO/Perfection Serieswrap%20dir%20per%20pol%20display%20yay.jpgPolaroids, Proof, KO/Perfection Serieswrap%20ko%20dir%20hl%20hg%20perfection.jpgCreating Costumes, Cameos, KO/Perfection Serieswrap%20crew2%20noah%20sara%20ninja%20eric%20heat.jpgTo the Moon, Magic, KO/Perfection Serieswrap%20ko%20yann%20hot%20sara%20and%20hot%20man%20best%20grp.jpgIn It to Win It, Inspired, KO/Perfection Serieswrap%20party%20crew%20perfection%20aplus.jpgGreat Grouping, KO/Perfection Serieswrap%20when%20heat%20is%20perfect.jpgReally Good-Looking, Ready, KO/Perfection Series

...And these are but a select few from the supreme lot!

Posted by KO on January 20, 2007 3:39 AM

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