KO has been a fan of The New Yorker magazine for as long as we can remember.
In fact, years ago we were so inspired by our friend Kayt's parents' artful and clever
bathroom tribute to The New Yorker (they wallpapered the whole bathroom with covers
from the 70s) that we began collecting covers in hopes of someday following suit in a
room in our very own home. Well, we're sad to say we are so very disappointed with the
publication that we are actually considering boycotting it hence forth...Sad! But valid!
sad%20nyr.jpgThe first sign of trouble was Anthony Lane's loathsome and misogynistic review of the
Sex and The City movie
(as well as the accompanying artwork by David Hughes). The
bitter, brutal and blatantly hateful review was just beyond justification. It reeked of
rage and forced me to question the integrity of the editor(s). And now, to make matters
worse, the pub. has lowered itself to put a horrific and hateful cover on the stands
featuring an illustration by Barry Blitt
. His artistic vision features a very distorted Barack
Obama in full-on Osama Bin Laden mode, American flag burning in the fireplace (of the
Oval Office?) and his wife, complicit with machine gun. WTF??? What's the argument "for"
you ask? Something along the lines of addressing the misrepresentation of Obama in
the press, the "politics of fear," blah blah blah. Sorry, not falling for it. No reasonable,
rational thinking person has gone there, and certainly not a reader of The New Yorker.
So what, what, WHAT is the deal with inciting this kind of fear, hatred, racism?
Seriously?! I could go on, but truthfully, I'm too disgusted and ultimately just too
disappointed. I no longer trust The New Yorker. I no longer respect The New Yorker.
Sad, sad, sad. Disappointment.

David Hughes artwork for Sex and the City review on left, above;
Barry Blitt's cover art of Barack for the new issue of The New Yorker, on right

Oh, and p.s. please don't try to tell me I have no sense of / for satire. I do.

Posted by KO on July 15, 2008 6:31 PM

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