The premiere of Karen Moncrieff's film The Dead Girl tonight was really fun.
While the movie is very dark and intense, the performances are blindingly stellar.
After the film, most of the cast and some of the crew celebrated at the after party.
KO had an amazing time...and, as you can see by the pictures, I was on a "take the
picture myself"
...I think it went well (!) although I'm sure some of you may feel
you've overdosed on KO by the end of this post! What can I say? KO had to carpe diem! ko%20and%20britm%20dgaftrprty.jpgKO with the super-delicious and super-friendly Brittany Murphy~ love her alot!ko%20karenm%20dg%20aftrprty%20shppd.jpgKO with the amazing and wonderful director Karenko%20kristan%20dg%20aftrprty%20orig.jpgKO with lovely production designer Kristanko%20bm%20b%20unc%20b.jpgKO with Brittany and her awesome uncle Billyko%20billy3%20aftrprty.jpgKO and Billyko%20kw%20and%20beau.jpgKO with soon-to-be-an-Oscar-winner Kerry Washington & her beauko%20and%20nicks%20byhisdaughter%20dgaftrprty.jpgKO with Nick Searcy, taken by his daughteredit%20ko%20judd.jpgKO with awesome editor Juddko%20keegan%20dg%20aftrprty.jpgKO with production wiz Keegan (above) and (below) actress Micahko%20and%20micah%20dg%20aftrprty.jpgKO also had the pleasure of running into Marc Webb!
You probably recall me going on and on about Marc before.
He went to CC with me...he's really nice...and he also happens to be
a very successful director. We are a huge fan of the humble hottie!
ko%20and%20marc%20webb2%20dg%20aftrprty%20shppd.jpg **It was a great evening. Congrats to Karen & thanks to everyone.**

Posted by KO on November 8, 2006 3:09 AM

Nice going on being a part of the Dead Girl crew and having such a great celebration!Congrats! Great photos!
I JUST saw Brittany Murphy on the Ellen DeGeneres Show yesterday (Tuesday 11/7) and absolutely loved her and the interview! She had her cutie patootie little dog on a blanket on her lap during the entire interview (that dog was so happy and content), and showed a photo of her black and white cat and her other dog at home to Ellen and everyone.

Posted by: bco

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