This clip is at once hilarious, obscene, indicative of LA egos, inexcusable and ridiculous...Oh, and it's disappointing...because no matter how unprofessional the DP was (and he was!) there's no forgiving a rant like that...Bale might've gotten away with a 30second tantrum but 35plus f-bombs in 4 minutes is insane. And it's not the actor's job to rip the DP a new one. The director (McG) or a producer should've done that- privately, I might add...Anyway, I love this audio, but I'm bummed to discover that Bale's got a wee bit of a terrorizing temper!!! Obviously it's NSFW or kids.
bale rant tongue bloody.jpg

Posted by KO on February 3, 2009 9:34 AM

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