Brilliant- but a bit of Bummer!
"The Bush boys have certainly set a standard for the future - lax
regulation, tax breaks for wealthy, an imploding financial sector,
growing disparity of income, loss of jobs, high energy prices,
monumental national debt and growing deficits, a weakened dollar, and
massive government bailouts of private industry with, of course, no
payback to stockholders or to USA of the excessive, obscene payouts
grabbed by former CEOs of the rescued companies and Fannie and Freddie.
What a record for the Harvard B School grad who was going to bring
business principles to government and compassion to conservatism! A
fraud and deception on the country unrivaled since the 19th century. He
even makes Herbert Hoover look like a leader.
What's next?


Posted by KO on September 17, 2008 7:07 PM

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