Friday night KO met up with our friend Ted. KO worked with Ted on The Dead Girl,
and he's been working in Portland since, so this was a bit of a reunion. We convened
at The Hump, a sushi restaurant at the Santa Monica airport. The name amuses because in several KO stories the local hangout is called The Hump. I digress...
The sushi was pretty good, the sake was pretty great...we had a pretty amazing time.sushi%2024nov.jpgAt the bar: Octopus (above) and Lobster (below)lobster%20andchef%20sushi%2024nov.jpgThanks Ted!ko%20and%20tedg%2024nov.jpgThe Hump, Santa Monica, 11.24.06

Posted by KO on November 25, 2006 12:42 PM

Yum! Lucky you! Sake & Sushi with an old friend in a great setting- nothin' better!

Posted by: momo

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