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Katy Oliver is a passionate and prolific writer/photographer/collage-maker/earrings-crafter/traveler with a love for all things pop-culture/political/sexual/artistic. Katy hopes to honor and promote the efforts of other creatives and to highlight and nurture the productive endeavors of her peers, while furthering her own pursuits and somehow supporting herself financially. Katy welcomes any and all monetary donations. Additionally, Katy loves presents. Katy is receptive to, and actually quite responsive to, random acts of generosity and spontaneous offerings of support.
Concisely: Katy promises to give you constant love and support while offering coverage from her knockout life; she also appreciates and always welcome your contributions.

Posted by KO on October 25, 2006 7:51 PM


last nite was fun-when do you post our picture

jerry karr

Posted by: jerry karr

Your mom told me about your website. It is really cool. Glad I checked it out.

Posted by: Jenny Lane

Katy Bean -
i think about you every day and miss you always.

Posted by: Patrick

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